Create an amazing subscriber experience

5 areas that help us create an amazing subscriber experience:

  1.  first, it’s the opt-in page. the minimum of what do include is an image of your freebie, is to mention the transformation your subscribers will get, and a sign up form. 
  2. secondly, there is a welcome email sequence. Make it valuable for your target audience, this is the opportunity for you to develop a deeper connection with them
  3. thirdly valuable content in newsletters that respects what your target audience needs,
  4. then beautifully designed newsletters that help you improve visual aspect of your emails
  5. and being consistent in writing your newsletters.

1 - your opt-in page

Make sure you include: 

  • the image or a mockup of your freebie, this is easy to create in canva,
  • a brief title that will speak about the transformation of your subscribers. A few words that catch the interest of readers so they will be excited to subscribe. For example, instead of writing A free collection of summer recipes, you can write for example: Quick and fresh summer recipes that will help you spend more your time with your family.
    Or: From busy kitchen, to enjoyable time with your family.
    Focus on how the transformation your subscribers will have if they use your freebie, what result they will achieve, or how your freebie will help your audience.
  • a sign up form, 
  • additionally, if you want, you can write more about what your freebie is about, what your subscribers will learn, what results they will have…
  • you can include some testimonials if you have,
  • and a few words about you.

2 - Welcome email sequence

Creating a welcome sequence will help your target audience understand better who you are, how you can help them, so they will remember you and get to know you better. Ideas for your welcome emails: 

  • first, it is the welcome email itself, where you deliver a freebie 
  • email where you talk about you and your business
  • email where you share your best content
  • email where you share the behind the scenes of your business
  • email where you offer your service - as the last email in your welcome sequence. Or, any email with the call to action. 

3 - valuable content in newsletters

Always keep in mind what your subscriber wants to hear about. If it helps, you can even imagine that person in front of you. Talk to that person when writing your newsletters. This will help you make your email more personal and will connect deeply with them. 

4 - beautifully designed newsletters

Create beautiful newsletters that will be original, respecting your brand, and will differentiate you from others. You can create them in Canva by yourself, or, you can get the ones from Federica that designed especially for this course. 

Have a look at the example below, this is how I managed to transform my boring email into a beautiful graphic using template from Federica.

5 - being consistent in writing your newsletters

It helps to increase the engagement and open rate. Your subscribers will remember that you send out emails on a specific day and they will look forward to your emails. Writing regular newsletters is connected to creating regular content on your blog, podcast or social mediA.

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