Complementary Color Scheme

Complementary color scheme – colours complement each other – they sit on the opposite sites of the color wheel. This colour scheme adds lot of visual interest and helps to make the main hero stand out.Enter your text here...

Red – green

In this image, the colors I used are red and a bit of green. You can see the wood is desaturated, so it helps the red color stand out.

The main subject are tomatoes. They have beautiful red color. Then, you can notice a few basil leaves, which has a contrast color – green. However, I didn’t include a lot of them in the scene, as I didn’t want to overwhelm the viewer with the green color.

The rest of the elements have more neutral colors – white, black, and I have desaturated them in the post-production.

Orange – blue

In this image, I worked with two colors – blue and orange. The main color is orange in different tones, and then, we have a bit of blue.

As because blue is a contrast color to orange, it helps my main croissant stands out.

Notice how the proportion of blue & orange is different. Orange colour in this image takes about 80%, while 20 or even less is present in blue.

You can also notice the repetition of colours – brown in the tea, hazelnut, table, chair, marmalade, knife handle, while blue – the main plate and the small plate next to it.

Blue – orange

As in the image above you saw the main color orange and then a bit of blue, in this image it’s the opposite.

Blue takes most of the frame and then, we have a few ingredients with orange color.

The backdrop originally is black, but because I wanted to create more contrast and make the apricots pop up more, I added blue color in the post-production.

Repetition of colours is present in the orange apricots and the orange sirup.

Pink and yellow/green

Here in this shot I explored pink and yellow-green color.

Again, pink is mostly present in this image and then I used few ingredients that has the contrasting colour – yellow-green.

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