Color editing with Roberta Dall’Alba – Tone Curve, Calibration, Color Grading

Dear students,
I’m very honoured, and thankful to Lucia, to share with you my HUGE passion for editing.
Maybe some of you have heard photographers saying that the edited photo should never look too different from the original.
I only partially agree with that. It’s true that you have to start with a good photo, because that is your “foundation”.
But no one can prevent you from creatively editing your images, if you want.
Editing is more than adjusting (color correction), it’s also a manifestation of creativity (color grading).
Color grading indeed allows you to set the aesthetic, set the mood of a photo, actually enhance what you’ve done while shooting! So, let’s use it to our advantage! 😉
That is why with this video I wanted to show you how I color graded one of my photos, to bring back to life real colors and set the mood that I wanted.
Hope you will enjoy and learn something new!

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