Analogous color scheme is the combination of colours sitting next to each other on the color wheel. . They create the sense of calmness, work well together and create serene and comfortable feeling.

A larger spectrum of analogous colours

In this image you can see the analogous color scheme, which is a bit enlarged than usual.

Here, I worked with a large spectrum of colours, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, even a bit of green.

This is a very colourful combination, which catches the eye. It might also however create a lot of drama, as I used some colours that even creates a contrast.

For this reason, the proportion of colours is very important. Mostly present is purple colour, then we have red, then orange, then red-purple/pink and very little of green.

Orange/red – orange – orange/yellow

This color scheme is more calm than the previous one, as I worked with 2 or 3 colors in this image.

The color which is mostly present is orange – the dough, backdrop, wooden props. Then, there is orange/yellow, which you can find inside the peaches, and the last color in this image is orange/red, which is only on the outside of the cut peaches.

You can also see the repetition of colours, in wooden prop on the left site, the brown sugar, almonds, plates – they all are brown of different luminosity.

Orange – yellow – green

And here again, I worked with a bit enlarged color spectrum.

You can see we have used colors from orange-red to green.

The color that is mostly present is orange – almost orange/red in the beans, then, we see less yellow and then green. I chose this herb (salvia) for it’s dark & desaturated color, which works nicely with this mood.

The repetition of colours is present in the orange beans and bread, light brown seeds on the bottom, then in green lemon edge and green salvia leaves, and yellow lemons (inside) and yellow oil in the corner and a few drops in the plate too.

Red – orange – yellow

In this image, you can see the combination of red, orange and yellow colour.

Here, I paid attention to the proportion of each of these colours – mostly present is orange, then red and a bit of yellow.

Working with this proportion helped me to create a harmony between the colours.

You can also see the repetition of colours here – orange backdrop and orange tomatoes, yellow cut tomatoes with the yellow oil.

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