Advanced techniques of using Golden Ratio Compositions

Now, this is something that can be confusing for those who are new to food photography. But, it can be a nice advanced game for those, who are looking for more complex way of composing your scenes.

Sometimes, when I have too many elements in the scene, following only one composition is not enough. I need more guidance in where to position every single element.

The Golden Ratio compositions are just great for this, as they all are based on the Golden Ratio 1.618.

If we look at each of this composition and then we place them on top of each other, this is what we get:

Here is an example how to put this into practice:

  • First, I choose one composition, in this case the Golden Ratio (1.image) for positioning the main hero and eventually the other second important elements (tomatoes, bread, plate).
  • Then, while styling, I change the composition overlay to help me style the corners in the scene. For this I often use the Dynamic Symmetry (which is a bit more advanced), or often Golden Triangle (both – left & right orientation). Because the Golden Triangle (or Dynamic Symmetry) has diagonal lines coming from – to corners, it’s a beautiful and super easy way how to compose perfectly every single part of your scene.
  • You can do something similar while cropping the image. I check more compositions that fit and find the best crop for my image.
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