8 secrets for effective selling


  • share about WHAT to do and now about HOW to do it. Keep the HOW inside your paid products
  • build the trust as an expert in your niche by educating your audience via a blog, youtube, or a podcast. You need to build the trust, especially when you start and nobody knows who you are
  • Pareto principle of 80/20 - share 80% of the content for free use 20% of the content for your offering. This way, you can make sure that your newsletters gets lot of value, but you offer offer your product and services too
  • offer solutions, instead of offering products. You don’t just sell something, you offer a help, a solution to achieve the transformation your audience wants
  • create curiosity. Talk about your products before thye are ready. This will help you sell more once you launch them
  • mention the win and the transformation your audience will achieve - it’s about painting a picture of how they feel, how they change their skills and what they achieve after they buy your product
  • use testimonials. Include the testimonials from your clients on your sales page, inside the newsletter and actually everywhere yu can. These are the best proofs of how your products can help your customers
  • professional proof - which can be your education, achievements, clients you work with, magazines you were published in or awards you have received. This is built over time, so don’t stress if there is non of this at the beginning
  • create urgency in your offers. Urgency around timing is better than around number of people, it feels more honest and real. 
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