Welcome on board!

Congratulations on your decision to join our Members' Club! You are part of our food photography family and I am so happy about it! I want to let you know that I believe in you and I am here for you.

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You have just received my email with the login details and the link to access our Members' Club area.

Your digital bonuses are going to be accessible inside the email and FOODlight Academy dashboard. If you have any problems, email me at lucia@foodlight.io or info@luciamarecak.com

Important to know about...


Roadmap to Success - start here

Roadmap to success helps you move step by step towards your goals. It's the main coaching program of our Club, organizing & showing you specific reasources you need right now. 

Access the roadmap, analyse which phase you are at, and start learning & progressing.


Get feedback on your image or portfolio & personal video feedback on the challenge task

Watch this video to learn how you can receive feedback on your images or portfolio.


Sync your calendar & join our live calls & trainings

Every month, we have regular live calls, which are dedicated to composition or lighting, editing & retouching, portfolio and client talk and goal setting for the upcoming month.

Join us to engage with other members, ask questions and get support. Follow our calendar, choose the events that you are interested in and prepare all the questions you have. 


Engage with other members and win 1-1 coaching session with me

Head to our Members' Club forum, engage with other members, and share any questions, your images for a feedback, let us know about your wins or doubts you might have. 

Each quarter inside our Members' Club

Courses - Healthy Goodies by Lucia Members' Club

Quarterly courses

A new course focusing on a specific topic and  experts invited inside our Members' Club. This will help you improve your skills and knowledge about photography or business.

Upcoming course topics: 

  • Q3 (2023): Pricing & Licencing + Capture One
  • Q4 (2023): Artificial Lighting 
  • 2024: to be defined

Quarterly challenges

We have new challenge season every quarter, which is divided into a few smaller tasks. You can decide to follow a photography or business challenge, and receive my personal video feedback on the assignments. 


A new masterclass is added on a regular base. Masterclasses are 30-50 minutes videos, focusing on composition, lighting or editing. The goal of the masterclass is to show you an entire photoshoot in practice.

Monthly live calls & live trainings

Every month, we have various live calls, where we discuss composition, lighting, editing, retouching, portfolios or clients, and defining our goals for the upcoming period. From time to time, on members' request, we have live trainings on a specific topic. 

Goal setting & coaching call

That's all you need to know, 

See you soon on our live calls or in the forum!

Do you want feedback on your image?

For short/quick questions or help, please, share your image in the forum. For more complex review, please, submit your image for the Image Critique, and for feedback that would require a discussion, please, send your image for the live composition&editing calls.

Need a technical support?

If you need any help, or you see that something stopped working (happens sometimes :), email me at lucia@foodlight.io

Connect with other members

Visit our forum to connect with other members, exchange a constructive feedback and share your questions about content, courses, resources, etc... 

need more personalised help?

Join us live on any call to talk about your challenges (Access the live calls schedule) or book a 1-1 call with me and we will discuss your challenge directly there.