Composition Overlays

for creating perfect scenes every time, streamlining your photography workflow, and significantly improving your food photography composition skills

"These overlays have been so helpful for improving my composition skills - using them whilst shooting tethered makes it much easier and faster to compose balanced and interesting images. My workflow (especially when doing client work) is a lot more streamlined thanks to this tool! They also encourage me to try compositions that I usually find challenging to work with, so they’re great for when I have time to freestyle a little bit."

Food Photographer and Blogger

There are 4 reasons,

why you should get these composition overlays:


They will significantly improve your images

Using these overlays will be a game changer for your images. It's enough to follow the lines and your scenes will turn out perfect.


They will improve your composition skills 

After using these overlays for some time, your eye will get trained and composing your scenes will come naturally to you. 


They will save you lots of time

Using overlays during sharing will make your workflow more organised and efficient. As a result, you will spend less time taking photos and at the same time you will get a better result.


You will finally create perfect image for Instagram aspect ratio!

You will also get the overlays of 4:5, which is an Instagram aspect ratio. Finally you don't need to crop out some important elements from your image, but nail the perfect scene for sharing the image on Instagram too.

What's included:

6 different types of composition 

Overlays for the Rule of Thirds, Diagonal Method, Golden Ratio, Golden Triangle, Golden Spiral, Dynamic Symmetry

.png and .jpg of 2:3 and 4:5 (Instagram) aspect ratio

You can finally nail your images for Instagram as well, with the  overlays for the Rule of Thirds, Diagonal Method, Golden Ratio, Golden Triangle, Golden Spiral.

Both - horizontal & vertical orientation = 76 overlays in total!

You will get horizontal and vertical orientation of the overlays, both for 2:3 aspect ratio and 4:5 aspect ratio for Instagram. This makes it to 76 overlays to use!

Instructions about how to upload them in Lightroom, EOS Utility and Capture One

If you have never used overlays before, I will show you how to upload the overlays into Lightroom, EOS Utility and Capture One.

What my students say about the overlays

I have used Lucia's overlays for the last year and I am still using them to improve my photography techniques, especially when I am struggling to create the image I have in mind. It has completely changed the way I approach my planning and shooting process! My compositions kills have been improving considerably along with the impact of my photos. Using the overlays while tethering is a game changer and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to consistently improve their food photography!

Food Photographer

I use the PNG Overlays in a different way: every time I shoot tethered, I leave an overlay visible on my image. Based on these overlays, I can then make corrections to my setting, directly and in a convenient way. I used to "manipulate" my images into a pleasant composition. Today, with the use of the overlays, I have everything under control during the shoot. This is very helpful in creating the better images, as well as allowing me to work more efficiently. In fact, I find these overlays so useful that I also use them for my other kind of photography: yesterday, when I was doing portrait photography, I caught myself that the "Dynamic symmetry" overlay was still visible on my image. Based on the overlay, I then gave my model instructions on how to take certain postures. The result: a balanced portrait without looking forced!

Food Photographer

How can you start using your overlays:


Purchase the overlays below and you will get a pdf to download them directly to your computer.


Download the overlays and save them on your computer or a hard drive and upload them into a tethering software - Capture One, Lightroom, EOS Utility or any other software you use.


If you have never tethered before, follow my tutorials to learn how to upload the overlays in EOS Utility, Lightroom or Capture One. You will get the link to these instructions inside the confirmation email of your purchase.


Enjoy creating perfect compositions and let me know these layouts helped you! 

Hi there,

I'm Lucia Marecak

I am a food photographer, social media manager, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia, creator and teacher at my Members' Club. I have had opportunity to help thousands of amazing people and see their progress and growth over time.

Using composition overlays has been a game changer for me and my students, the improvements of their images were significant. They got more confident about applying compositions to simple or more complex scenes, as they knew where to place the main subject and other elements without any doubt. 

Now, it's time for you to improve your images, are you ready?

Get Your Composition Overlays
  • 2:3 composition overlays in .png and .jpg 
  • 4:5 composition overlays for Instagram in .png and .jpg
  • all in vertical and horizontal orientation, which makes it total of 76 overlays
  • guide about how to upload them to LR, EOS, C1



*the purchase is done via Etsy.com, VAT will be charged when purchasing the overlays


Is there a guarantee for the money back?

Due to the nature of the digital product, there is no guarantee for returning the money back, the purchase is not refundable. 

How long will I be able to access these overlays? 

After the purchase on Etsy.com, you will receive a pdf to your mailbox with the link to download the overlays. There is no time-limit to access your overlays (it's a life-time access to this product). You can buy them now and download them at any time from the pdf.

If I buy the composition overlays, will I have an access to your Members' Club too?

No, after buying the composition overlays, you will not get an access to the Members' Club. If you want to join the Members' Club, you can do so via this page. The Members' Club is the most interactive food photography community out there, with lots of food photography courses, masterclasses, live guests interviews, live calls and much more. 

If I want to learn more about tethering? Do you have any other course?

Absolutely, I do have an entire course about tethering for food photographers, inside our Members' Club. This course will help you learn how to tether in Lightroom, EOS Utility and Capture one, how to create your magazine layouts and use them white tethering. You can join our Members' Club for as long as you want, unsubscribe at anytime.