August 4, 2023

Sharing the BTS of the commercial shoot for a client. Learn all about my workflow and how I capture images.

*Now the subtitles are available - click on CC*

During this call, I shared the behind the scenes of my commercial photoshoot for a client. We were creating a catalog for Easter 2024. 

I talked about:

  • the shot list & the length of the shoot 
  • equipment for the location (I will make the location equipment list available soon)
  • how to set the set & cables & light 
  • test images at the beginning of the shoot - testing the light, quality of image, to set the correct light and choose which lens to shoot with
  • composition of the images and what shots I take and how I compose them together
  • how I manage reflections on the chocolate eggs, 
  • the last image that can't miss for the composite - clean shadows on the background
  • how you can recreate the exact same placement of elements in your scene as in the previous image
  • moving to the day 3 (last day) - changing set from a straight-on to flat lay
  • frankenstain hero 😅 when you really don't know what to do anymore
  • creating a pattern image with a subject - how to do shoot it and create it

A few resources that I mentioned during the call:

  • Lucia, it was extremely helpful to see the process of this photo shoot from start to finish. Seeing the preparation and how you approached the situation when problems arose during the shoot was very educational. Thank you for putting this together and sharing this with us. Wendy O.

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