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Monthly course

How to photograph and retouch bottles

In this course, you will learn how to photograph bottles - from creating a mood board, to what equipment you need and how to actually shoot images, how to compose various shots into one final image and how to retouch that photo as well. We will take the skills you have gained thanks to our previuos course about retouching and take it to the next level. 

live sessions - monthly schedule


10:00 AM Italy time: Networking & Group Live Feedback Calls


6:30 PM Italy time: Networking & Group Live Feedback Calls


2:00  PM Italy time: Food Photo Tournament


6:30  PM Italy time: Goal setting call


In this masterclass, you will learn how to work with artificial lighting


Cover - Image Critique May

Watch the latest image critique and learn what worked and what to improve in the images. To participate in the Image Critique February, send your image to lucia@healthygoodiesbylucia.com until the middle of June.

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Themes for 2022 revealed!

Learn more about the themes we will cover each month. On top of that, we will have masterclasses each month, where we will dive more into styling, composition of lighting.


We will dive into retouching in Photoshop!


In April, we will have guests during live calls and we will learn how to create videos for reels


You will learn about advanced lighting techniques, including photographing bottles.


You will learn about newsletters and how to grow your business with them


We will dive into how to create a brand for your business


We will have interviews with experts again and, we will have a better look at various templates for your business


You will learn about how to create a webpage with Wordpress, including SEO.


We will dive into advanced composition techniques


We will learn about Pinterest and how to leverage your marketing with this tool


We will have our Guest month again