Are you thinking of starting a blog but not sure how what to do?
Or, are you at the beginning of your journey of a blogger or food phtotographer
Or you are just looking for some hints & tips on how to use your time better and make things happen? 
You are at the right place then, where you find all, what you need to know at the beginnings of your blogging journey.
In 2018, I discovered my passion in food blogging, cooking, developing recipes, and also in food photography. It was something unknown, unexplored, and completely out of my comfort zone. 
I learned a lot of new things, discover new ways how to manage my day and activites, and  how to make things more effective. It was and still is not easy, as I have a 8-5 full-time job, I am also a full-time girlfriend and a full time blogger. 
My goal is to share with you my waw-moments that help me on my path. Things that inspire me, hints & tips on improving the blog and other tools that help me to manage all my activites.
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