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Are you curious to know how I composed this image? What guidelines I used to create the composition?

In this blogpost, I will show you 3 ways, which you can apply immediately to create a strong composition in your images.

Composition in Food Photography

But firstly, what the composition is?

Composition, simply, is the way how all elements are arranged in an image. What you need to focus on, is the main subject and how you create a relationship to all the other objects in the image.

Good composition is a result of many rules and guidelines combined together, and today I will focus on how I built the composition of this particular image.

1 The Golden Ratio Composition

I used the composition of The Golden Ratio. I placed the main subject on the lower intersections (the golden points) of one horizontal and 2 vertical lines. Also, my hand is leading the viewer to the main Golden Point (the intersection of 2 lines). This is where where all the story of this image is happening.

Composition in Food Photography

If you want to know more about The Golden Ratio; it’s is very similar to the Rule of Thirds. However, the difference is, the Rule of Thirds divides your image into same parts (⅓, ⅓, ⅓ ), while the Golden Ratio divides your image into these sections:

A line of length c is divided into two parts, a and b, whereby the ratio of a:b is the same as the ratio of b:c.

The source is from the book: Mastering Composition, which I highly recommend, if you want to deep more into Photography.

2 The visual balance

This is very important in the composition too. Visual balance is happening, when your eye is watching the main subject, keeping in mind all the other objects and how they all together create a balance in your image.

Simple said, I positioned the cake to the centre of the image and I had to create the balance between left and right side, upper and lower part of the image. 


  • Holding the bowl is balanced with the honey bowl opposite to it (diagonally)
  • The left vase and bottle is balanced with the book, scissors (again diagonally)
  • Props on the right side are balanced with the props on the left side.

3 Use props to lead a viewer towards the subject

  1. My props are pointing to the main subject, which helps lead the viewer eye to the cake.
Composition in Food Photography | Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

More insights about the Lighting

Would you like to know about the lighting in this image?

Lighting in Food Photography | Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak
This is the original (non edited photo)

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