3. Annual Meetup 2023

(photography workshop)

Carmagnola (Turin), Piedmont, Italy - 23-25 MAY

It's time to announce our THIRD Annual 2023 MeetUp our Members' Club in Italian countryside in Piedmont. 

We will spend 3 days together, in the middle of a private garden of an amazing historical villa. We will style and photograph together amazing Italian meals and talk about the business side of photography. Every participant willl have opportunity to consult their challenges with me in person, during private sessions.

How the Meet-Up will look like...

Consider this Meet Up as an opportunity to create your dream shots for your portfolio, work with other creatives together, style, photograph in a garden, get inspired and motivated. Just let me know before what subjects you wish to shoot and I will make everything ready for you.

During the Meet Up, you will have lots of opportunity to rest, shoot, enjoy the garden and talk to me and others. You will have the opportunity to create your scenes individually, or, just team up with another member and work on building a scene.

We will have 1 live masterclass where you will have the opportunity to see me creating a scene & photograph. You can decide to join that session, or, just use that time to shoot your dream shots in some other corner of the garden. Then, the rest of the time you can get inspired by some assignments, or, just tell me what subjects you want to shoot and you will have time to photograph by yourself. 

I will be having 1-1 sessions (60 minutes) with every member, so during that time, you can work on anything you wish, create your missing portfolio shots, relax, think of your business & prepare some plan, and I will be there in case you need some help or advice. 

This is how our days can look like. Times will slightly change during the Meet Up, but generally, we will respect this schedule: 

Day 1 - Tuesday

  • at around 15:00 (time is to be scheduled yet) the car will pick all from the central train station of Turin. 
  • 17:00 (or earlier) 🍹 Aperitivo in the garden & workshop opening...
  • getting to know each other and discussing what subjects everyone would love to shoot :)
  • garden tour - there is sooo much to see!!
  • 20:30 Dinner all together in the garden
  • 23:00 - Ernest will take us to the hotel (it's important you inform the reception about your late arrival)

Day 2 - Wednesday

  • 6:30 Ernest (the owner of the villa) will pick us up from the hotel, and bring us to the garden, where we start shooting with the first sun.
  • 8:00 - breakfast in the garden, then, continuing shooting various scenes at the location. 
  • 10:00 - This will be the time for your individual & team creating shoots. In the meantime, I'll be having 1-1 sessions 
  • 13:00 - lunch all together
  • 14:30 - Free creative shoots & 1-1 sessions with participants
  • 17:00 - Pasta Cooking session 
  •  20:00 - dinner all together

Day 3 - Thursday

  • 08:00 Breakfast at the hotel - if you change the hotel for the following night please, take all suitcase with you
  • 9:00 - Ernest will come to pick us up from the hotel
  • 10:30 - Live Masterclass and individual photoshoots 
  • 13:00 - lunch
  • 14:00 - packing up the luggages & helping to pack the props
  • 14:30 - leaving for Langhe - the walk in Barolo village
  • 17:00 - Wine tasting
  • 20:00 - Dinner in the Langhe.
  • after dinner, Ernest will stop at the garden (to pick up the luggages) and will continue to Turin. 

About our location

This is a private garden, where we will be the only guests during the Meet Up. That means, you can use the entire space for creating your scenes.

FAQ & more information

  • Travel

  • Food

  • Hotel

  • what to bring

We ask you to cover the travel to Turin on your own, then, the transport to the location (mini-bus) will be arranged. The hour will depend on the latest person arriving to Turin. 

We kindly ask you to be in Turin around 14-15:00. The pick up will be arranged at the time of the latest person arriving to Turin. In case all participant will be in Turin at 13:00, we will organise the pick up at that hour. I kindly ask all however to arrange lunch by themselves for Tuesday.

The nearest airport is Turin (check if you have some flights directly), or Milan (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, or Milan Bergamo). From there, you can take a bus to arrive to the Central Station of Milan (Milano Centrale), and from there, you can take a train to arrive to Turin (Torino Porta Nuova).  Turin Airport has a shuttle too, arriving to Torino Porta Nuova (The main train station.). The cost of shuttles is about 7 € one way. 

Please, reach out if you need any help in understanding how / purchasing tickets to get to Turin. 

Our Meet Up in 2022 

Author Tatiana Tor

Author Valerie Swennen

Author Tatiana Tor

Meet Up 2022: Author Valerie Swennen

Meet Up 2022: Author Valerie Swennen

Author Valerie Swennen

Author Tatiana Tor

Our first Meet Up in 2021 

Credit: Linda Hermans

Credit: Linda Hermans

Credit: Linda Hermans

Credit: Linda Hermans

Credit: Linda Hermans

The fee and what's included...

The price is made exclusively for you as the Member of our Club, and it covers the entire photography workshop, all activities and expenses during the MeetUp - Pick up by Ernest (Turin, hotel in the mornings & evenings, Langhe trip by car), food, photography subjects, props, wine-tasting on Thursday night & pasta cooking class & 1-1 (60 minutes) coaching session with Lucia.

What is covered by yourself, not included in the fee: flights, or any other travel to arrive to Turin before & after the Meet Up, accommodation before, during, after the Meet Up, last dinner at the restaurant in the Langhe - everyone pays for what they order. 

Fee / person (if we are 7 people total)


The fee covers the entire workshop food, garden, workshop costs but EXCLUDES the accommodation (you will pay it extra by yourself) and a dinner on Thursday night at the restaurant.
The hotel (where we all are going to stay) is mentioned below. Before booking your hotel room directly, please, let me know first! I can help you reserve the room for you and for other participant, so you can save some money by sharing the room.

No other additional taxes are applied to this final price.

In case we are 10 people total, the fee lowers to 920€. Max n. of participant: 10. 

How to book

Please, write me an email as soon as you decide to join us; email address: lucia@foodlight.io, confirming: 

  • mentioning any special diets you have (vegan, vegetarian, alcohol (wine, prosecco, spritz aperol, or you eat/drink all)
  • tell me, if you pay in full or you want to split payments 
  • time & day of your arrival to the airport and to the train station of Turin (Torino Porta Nuova)  and of your departure too!
  • and mentioning if you are staying prior or after the event too