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by Lucia
Healthy Goodies by Lucia - food blog and photography

Hi there!

Welcome to Healthy Goodies by Lucia – A food blog and food photography. My name is Lucia, and I develop healthy and gluten-free recipes made from legumes. My goal is to inspire you to eat in a better and healthier way and show you how amazing food legumes are!

Lucia of Healthy Goodies, food blogger and photographer

I love a good food and I am crazy about cooking and baking and food photography. My boyfriend and friends could talk about it for hours! 🙂 I love creating new dishes or just transforming the classic ones we love into something healthier. So I decided to share with you my recipes that are nutrient, healthy, really easy to make and suitable for you and all your family.


A food blog about healthy and gluten-free dishes made from legumes. A food photography and food styling.

Most part of my family members follow gluten free diet. I remember how difficult it was at the beginning to learn all again – cooking and baking, because gluten flour makes everything much easier. That’s why I would love to share all what I learned in those 10 years, since we started cooking gluten-free dishes.

And why legumes? Legumes are such an amazing food, they are full of minerals, inevitable for our correct nutrition. They represent a great source of protein and carbohydrates. Daily intake of legumes can dramatically improve your health conditions, hair quality and works also as a prevention for many diseases. Me and my boyfriend, as we do home fitness very actively, legumes are just great source of protein and energy for us. There are so many different kinds of legumes and I love including them into our meals every day.


Food photography, recipe development and food blog about healthy dishes made from legumes

Healthy Goodies by Lucia is not only about recipes but also about food photography.

I do all for this blog by myself. I fell in love with food photography so much, I spend hours taking photos of food. When I am not shooting, I am thinking about composition, colors, props and how I can style the next dish I develop.

I learned the basics of photography on my own, later on I started attending different courses. I am an alumni of Foodtography school and currently a student of Lifestyle Academy Photography from Christina Greve.

If you are interested more about my photography, this is my portfolio.


Thank you all for your love and support. Without you anything would not be possible. I hope you find an inspiration in my recipes and photography. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me via the contact page. You can find me also on Instagram and Pinterest.

Feel free to comment, like or share any recipe 🙂

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