Request private feedback 

Would you like to receive a feedback for your image privately? 

As a member of the club, you can send me 1 image per month for a private feedback via email.  

Please, read carefully how to do it:

  • send me an email to healthygoodiesbylucia@gmail.com
  • Write into subject: "Request Image Feedback - YOUR NAME"
  • send me 2 images: the final one and a shot of your scene, or the RAW file and your final edited image
  • write down what you were trying to achieve
  • try to specify the questions/problem you were facing 
  • Give me a couple of days and I will answer you back

More information how to send the image for the image critique:  If the file is too large, you can send it  WeTransfer.

If you want feedback on the editing of your image, include the RAW file (if possible) and your final edited image. If you want me to give you feedback on other aspects, send me the behind the scenes image as well. Please, remember to specify what you were trying to achieve and what problems you faced.