7 recipes for a Quick & Nutrient Take-away Breakfast Smoothies for Your Busy Days – FREE Mini Guide pdf

by Lucia

It has been more than two years now, that I prepare a take-away breakfast smoothie every morning It’s super practical, doesn’t take a lot of space in a handbag, it’s boosted with nutrients, vitamins and I enjoy it while reading my emails in the office and preparing for the day. 

Many people ask me what is inside and if I choose these ingredients with a purpose. The answer is yes, I do. I choose seasonal ingredients, seeds & nuts, vitamin C and antioxidant rich foods. I explain all what’s behind my smoothie prep and I also give you 7 recipes you can quickly make for you take-away breakfast.

My days are extremely busy, and honestly, I do not have time for a proper breakfast at home.

In the last years, I have tried many different breakfast systems. But I found these smoothies as the best one, which allows me to take important nutrients every single day and it doesn’t require much time. It’s sugar-free, naturally sweetened, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan/plant-based. It’s boosted with vitamins and minerals, from seeds and nuts and charges you with energy for the whole morning.

Quick & Nutrient Breakfast Smoothie recipes for busy days | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Let’s start with the basic breakfast smoothie recipe

  • Grind 15-20 grams of flax & Sunflower seeds and add them into a blender.
  • Add 1 banana,
  • plant-based milk to cover all,
  • a tbsp of peanut butter,
  • about 20 g nuts of your choice
  • fresh juice of one half lemon.

Blend all until smooth, if necessary adjust milk to get a preferred consistency. 

Add Seeds & Nuts

Seeds & Nuts are a very important source of nutrients and minerals. I love to add them into this breakfast smoothie, they keep me satiated the whole morning, until lunch time.

it’s up to you which seeds you add into the smoothie. If you decide to go for flax seeds, you should grind them, because the ground form is easier to digest. Whole flaxseed may pass through your intestine undigested, which means you won’t get all the benefits. 

I have listed all seeds and nuts in this pdf, which you can download from my VIP e-Library. I also write about why it’s important to consume them daily and I link more information for further reading.

Add an antioxidants-rich food too

Very important is to include foods rich in antioxidants and in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps boost iron absorption from nuts & seeds, therefore you should include citrus fruit in your smoothie.

When it comes to other foods rich in antioxidants, you can consider to add spinach, kale or blueberries. Download my pdf to learn about other foods.

Do you want to know more about Breakfast Smoothie?

Breakfast Smoothie Mini Guide for quick and nutrient breakfasts for busy days | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

You can download this FREE pdf of my most favourite 5 smoothie recipes (made with winter seasonal fruits) and of 2 alternative options if you get bored with smoothies.

Learn what ingredients you can add into your smoothie, get links for the further reading, and get the ingredients list too as a source of inspiration for your smoothie preparation.

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Hi there! My name is Lucia, I am a Recipe Developer, Food Blogger and Food & Lifestyle Photographer. I am passionate about creating healthy recipes and mindful photography. 

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