"50 tips series"

of food photography

tips & tricks!

"50 tips series" of food photography tips & tricks!

Receive practical, easy to apply food photography tips to your mailbox every Friday! 

"50 tips series" is an email series of short, practical and easy-to-apply tips & tricks to improve your food photography. You will learn about photography foundations, composition, lighting, gear & equipment, editing, props or colours.

You will receive this series every Friday directly to your mailbox, so it's fresh for your practice during the weekend :) You will also get opportunity to be in direct contact with me via my private community, where you can share your images, ask questions and receive my direct feedback.

Practical & easy to apply

You can apply these tips to practice immediately. They are easy to understand and follow. I will be sending you one tip directly into your mailbox every Friday, so it's fresh in your memory for your weekend practicing!

Have a direct feedback

You can join my private free community, and ask me any questions you have. You will have a chance to exchange a feedback on your image too.

From beginner to advanced

These tips are suitable for a beginner and advanced photographer, as even if you know some concepts already, it's always inspiring and priceless to see how other photographers apply them in their images.

What will you gain if you join the series?

There is going to be a lot of value in this series. So, lets have a look at what you will gain if you join me 

1. You will get more creative, confident and inspired

I will give you simple and practical tips every week, and at the same time, I will challenge you to apply these tips into practice. It will motivate you to experiment. After a short time, the improvements will come and this will grow your confidence and creativity.

2. You will grow your skills and take your photos to the next level

Who doesn't want to learn, grow and take their food photography images to the next level? We will take it step by step. Every week, you will learn something new, so you are not overwhelmed by too much information at once. 

3. You will get my support on your journey, so you can relax and just create :)

It's not for granted to have someone who can help you along the way. Inside my community, you can share any question or doubt you might have and you will receive a feedback from me directly.

Join the series

and start your learning journey in 2022

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Frequently asked questions

When this series start? 

This 50 tips series start on January 21 and will continue for the entire 2022. Joining the series from the beginning will help you improve your food photography step by step. 

What topics will be covered in the emails?

I will share one tip in one newsletters, covering all the areas from food photography - lighting, composition, foundations, colours, editing or business. Some topics might be new, and with some of them, you might be familiar already. However, I believe it's always enriching and valuable to see these concept from the perspective of other photographer.

What skill level should I have?

The topics will be suitable for beginners, however I believe that also advanced photographers will find some interesting tips there. 

You don't need to have a camera in order to start learning and practicing. 

What if I have some questions during the series?

As you receive these emails, you might get some extra questions or you will need some help and feedback on your images. For that, you will get an access to my free private community, where you can share all your questions and doubts. 

About Lucia Marecak

Hi there! I am Lucia, a food photographer, teacher, creator of Healthy Goodies by Lucia, and Manfrotto Ambassador. I have helped hundreds of creatives via my free programs, inside our Members' Club and via my Domestika course. My passion and mission is simple - I want to help you take your skills to the next level, so that you can achieve your big goals in food photography.