Here they are, the right resources to help you with Natural lighting!

Natural light is beautiful. You definitely can use it when working on a client photoshoot! The resources below will help you learn more about natural light and how to use it in food photography.

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Your action plan for growing your natural lighting skills: 

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discover the best window for various moods

First of all - find out what window provides you with the best lighting for various moods. 

Bright & airy photos needs a larger window, while dark & moody requires small window. Moreover, norther and southern side of your house will give you different light, so your first task will be: 

- play with all the windows you have at your home and shoot the same subject. Observe how the image turns out to be, and what window is the best for creating the lighting you love. 

learn how the distance changes the intensity and shadows

While we can't just increase the power of natural light, there is something we can do. 

If you need more light, move your scene closer to the window. This will give you more light into your camera sensor, but at the same time, your shadows gets stronger. This is because of the fall-off of the light. 

On the other side, move your scene further from the window, your shadows gets softer and the lighting on the scene gets more balanced. 

Keep moving the scene while observing the shadows, and how the shadows changes while the intensity of the light changes too. 

Learn how reflectors & negative fill cards influences your image

Take any kind of white foam cards or white clothes and position them next to your scene. Observe how they bring the light back. You can use these if you want to increase the intensity of the light, or highlight some specific objects on the scene. 

The same with black cards - they behave as a negative fill. This means, they don't reflect any light back. This will make the shadows richer and your images gets more mood. 

You can download the guide below, to see how I use these tools in practice. 

Download this guide about working with natural light

Download this guide where I explain in real examples and Behind the scenes - how I create bright & moody, light & moody, dark images and images with hard light. 

Download this guide on this link.

Resources you can follow in our Members' Club 

principles of Lighting in food photography with Lucie Beck - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

In this course, you will learn the principles of lighting, and Lucie Beck will show you how she works with natural light in her images. 

how to use natural light in winter masterclass - healthy goodies by lucia

In this masterclass, you will learn,
how to use natural light in winter, or in other words, when there is not enough natural light available. You will learn how increasing ISO will behave in the images. 

Gathering composite - food photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

In this masterclass, you can see me creating this scene with natural light. You can get inspired by this scene and create something similar. 

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