Here they are, the right resources to help you with Lightroom Editing!

The editing process makes 50% of our final image. It also helps you find and build your photography style. Below, you will find a few resources to start with and how to improve your editing skills over the next few days.

You can bookmark this page or save it as a link, that way you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish learning from these resources and you wish to improve another area, just return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

Your action plan for growing your editing skills: 

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Organise your Lightroom catalogue

First of all - organise your Lightroom catalogue. See if you can use collections to group specific recipes or photos. Collections are a great way how to group images - you can create a collection based on type of recipe (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or you can create collections based on clients, or based on certain colours or ingredients.

Then, you can manually drag images into your collections.  

Another way, how to stay more organised is to create automated collections. That means, as soon as you star or assign a colour mark to an image, such collection groups it automatically. You can download this newsletter to read more about it.

Focus on tonal contrast 

When you edit your images - it's important to maintain certain contrast between darkest and brightest areas. This is called tonal contrast, because it's a contrast between different tones of the image. This will help the main subject stand out. 

You can read more about it in my newsletter here on on this blogpost.

Tonal contrast is a combination of various sliders - you can achieve it with tonal sliders - highlights/shadows/whites/blacks, with the tone curve or with the luminance of colours in the HSL panel. 

Your task will be to play with these sliders, and observe how the image is changing and improving. 

Then, play with colours in the HSL panel 

Adjusting colour in post-production is very important part of the editing process. The exercise you can do is to download an image from internet that you love the colours in that image. 

Upload it into Lightroom and when editing your own image, use that downloaded photo as a reference. Then, play with HSL panel, colour calibration and colour grading to recreate the same colours as on the reference image. 

Resources you can follow in our Members' Club 

Editing in Lightroom - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

In this course, you will learn everything about Lightroom - how to organise your catalogue and images, and how to edit them. Moreover, Roberta Dall'Alba also shares her secrets behind the colour corrections.

Watch this masterclass, where I edit 2 images of mine, focusing on colour correction and white balance.

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