Here they are, the right resources to help you with Creativity and finding your own photography style!

Creativity and style is something that will grow with experience. The more you practice, the more creative you will be and the more clear your style will become! Style is something that comes after years of practice. These resources will help you identify some characteristics of it and will help you understand better how to find your own photography style.

You can bookmark this page or save it as a link, that way you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish learning from these resources and you wish to improve another area, just return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

Your action plan for growing creativity and  finding your style: 

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Create a mood board

Creating a mood board is the first step in understanding what you love - what kind of mood, lighting, props or storytelling inspires you. 

Go to Pinterest and create a new board - where you save all images you find and that inspire you. 

Observe in details those images - what kind of lighting they have? what kind of props they use? How complex or simple they are? Try to answer as much details as you can. 

Focus on experimenting

Find time in the next days, where you can experiment and create similar images as in your mood board. Do strong colours inspire you? Or, would you love to try monochromatic colour scheme? 

Don't focus on making the image perfer, but, use time to experiment as much as you can. Try different combinations, use different backdrops, go crazy and observe what you create. 

Create your own backdrops to get more creative

Do you dream of some bold and strong colourful backdrop but you don't feel for buying it? Create it by yourself! 

Painting your own backdrop is the most satisfying thing I could have done, since then, I have never bought any other backdrop! 

Buy wall paint matt colours, any kind of colour, and if you don't like it after? Just paint it white and then apply another color again. :) 

Read this newsletter that I wrote about painting your own backdrops.

Resources you can follow in our Members' Club 

In this course, Cristina will help you become more confident and creative. And, you will also learn, how to build a mood board and uncover some of the characteristics of your dream photography style.

Something that makes a huge role in our photography style are props we work with. How your collection looks like? Does it reflect your style or it needs to be re-done? Have a look at our course about Props and re-build your current prop collection to fit your current needs. 

Start painting your own backdrop and try colours that might scare you! It will boost your creativity too. Best way to discover what you love is to experiment! And painting your own backdrops is the cheapest way to try new things, if you don't like the colours you have, you can always repaint them!

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What our members say about the Club

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