Here they are, the right resources to help you with setting a better pricing for your services!

I am happy you are ready to review your pricing. Many food photographer undercharge for their services, sometimes, because the market and brands pushes them, but often because they don't know how to set a proper price. Imagine having a fee where you don't need to keep yourself busy with many projects each month, but you can do just some, earn more and have more free time. Sounds great to you? Let me then help you create the right price for your clients.

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In this course, you will learn how to set the correct price for your photography projects. You will get access to various templates that you can use in your own business

In this call, I explain how I usually charge my clients and what I charge them for. The call has many other topics, so if you are only interested in the quotation part - you will see the calls notes below the video.

live call with Tyson Sadlo - Photography Business

You can watch this call, where Tyson (our guest) talks about money and how to charge your clients. Everything is possible, and you can always work for a lower fee - when lowering your work hours too. This call is a great source of inspiration for your next client negotiations...