Here they are, the right resources to help you with with the pitching!

Pitching is something that doesn't always brings us joy, therefore we kind of like to procrastinate this area. It is not different for me either. The resources below, will help you organise this area more, so you can feel inspired to contact your potential customers. Think of new ways how to contact them, how to approach them, or maybe, it's time for you to review your portfolio if you approach the right brands?

You can bookmark this page or save a link, so you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish these resources, and you wish to improve another area, return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

How to approach Pitching: 

  • set a goal of about 20 new brands each week 
  • in the same week, set a goal of how many brands you will follow up (do this after about 4 weeks of receiving no answer to your email)
  • you need to follow up up to 7 times before giving up
  • Repeat the same each week :)
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I invite you to visit the lesson about Business Development processes, where you find the Notion template for managing your client batabase, as well as the lesson about increasing your productivity. Both will help you get organised and find time for pitching.

Pitching templates are something that will help you to prepare your email for pitching new client or when you answer them. 

This course will help you to review whether the clients you pitch are the right ones for you or if your portfolio is representing you enough. Sometimes little tweaks can make huge changes in the result. Inside, you will also find a lesson about how to search the right person via Linkedin.