Here they are, the right resources to help you with natural lighting!

Natural light is beautiful and you definitely can use it also when working on a client photos! The resources below will help you learn more about the natural light and how to use it in food photography. 

You can bookmark this page or save a link, so you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish these resources, and you wish to improve another area, return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

principles of Lighting in food photography with Lucie Beck - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

In this course, you will learn the principles of lighting, and Lucie Beck will show you how she works with natural light in her images. 

how to use natural light in winter masterclass - healthy goodies by lucia

This masterclass focuses on how to use natural light in winter, or in other words, when there is not enough natural light available. You will learn how increasing ISO will behave in the images. 

In this masterclass, you can see me creating this scene with natural light. You can get inspired by this scene and create something similar.