Here they are, the right resources to help you with artificial lighting!

Artificial lighting doesn't have to be so complicated. The resources below will help you understand it better and find the right artificial light for you. 

You can bookmark this page or save a link, so you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish these resources, and you wish to improve another area, return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

Artificial Lighting - masterclass cover

In this masterclass, you will learn everything you need about how to shoot with artificial lighting - we talk about continuous light and flashes

I recommend to dive into the Lighting principles too, as they are applicable to natural and artificial light too - so instead of a window (natural), your light sources becomes a diffuser or a softbox.

You can watch this masterclass, where I use a flash. You will see me styling the scenes and work with lighting too.