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These 10 Lightroom Features were a game changer for me and I am sure will be for you too. They make the editing process faster, effective and help you to get the best image possible. I use them every single time while editing my images. So, let me tell you about these Lightroom features I believe you should definitely know about:

1. Synchronise editing with more images

Lightroom gives you a possibility to synchronize editing of all images at once. It saves you a lot of time and your editing process is more effective. If you have a series of images from the same shooting, you do not need to edit one by one. Edit the first image, then hold Command/Ctrl and click on the other images, then click to Sync. Lightroom will copy exact editing settings, and from there, you just slightly adjust each photo separately.

10 features you should know about in Lightroom | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

2. Double click to reset the edits

If you want to cancel the effect of the edit you made, simply double click on that slider. You do not need to move it manually to find a Zero point. Double click and Lightroom will reset the setting for you.

3. Press \ to see an original image

It’s important to see how far you’ve got with editing and \ gives you a possibility to look at the original non-edited version. I use it constantly, while editing an image. It helps me to find some details I might haven’t noticed before and gives me also a better understanding how far I have gotten with editing.

4. Hold Command/Ctrl + Z to undo the effects

As in any other software, you can undo the edits you made. Hold Command/Ctrl and press Z. Or, go to the top panel – edits and undo … (see the image below)

5. Use the History to undo more effects at once

All edits you make are also recorded in the History of the image. You can find it in the left hand panel under Snapshots. If you wish to return back a few recent edits, just go to the history, click on the line/edit you wish to start from again and then continue editing the image. All the edits made above that line will be cancelled when you make new edits.




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Mini Guide about Light in Food Photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

6. Exporting more images at once

You can export image by image separately, or you can export them all at once. Go to the Library mode, select a grid view (or press G), select the images you wish to export (hold Command and click on those images). Then click on Export in the left hand panel.

7. Use Masking while Sharpening

Use Masking always when editing an image. Mask serves not to add sharpening to the areas out of the focus. Instead of adjusting only the Amount slider inside the Sharpening tool, hold Alt/Option and start moving the slider Masking. Areas in white that you will see are, where the sharpening will be applied.

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8. Always check the Clipping Indicators

I have already written a blogpost about the Clipping Indicators. They serve to control that an image does not lose the data, which can be very disturbing when you export them in high resolution. Keep an eye always at the Clipping Indicators and make sure your image will be perfect all the time. Read my article about them, I explained all details you need to know about.

Red Overlay Clipping indicators | Lightroom Editing Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

9. Create a Virtual copy for experimenting

Create a Virtual Copy if you want to test different edits. You can create as many virtual copies as you wish. This way you can try different styles and see which edits are the best for the image. You can create a Virtual Copy from the top panel settings – Photo – Create a Virtual Copy; or press Command/Ctrl +’ on the keyboard; or click the right mouse button clicking on the photo and choosing the Create a  Virtual Copy.

10. Reject and cancel all images you are not going to proceed with

Another useful thing is to reject and delete images from Lightroom. Keep your folders organized, do not overload Lightroom with thousands of images. Keep the best ones and delete the rest. You can keep them at cloud or external harddisk if needed, so you can import them back to the Lightroom any time. You will reject an image by pressing X and by holing Command/Ctrl and Cancel, you will delete them from Lightroom.

Photography Friday | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

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Mini Guide about Light in Food Photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

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