If you need an additional help, you can book 1-1 coaching call with me. The call will last 90 minutes, and we can cover anything you need a help with - photography, clients, products, processes... 

The 90 minutes 1-1 session is 120€ (the discount of 25% for members of our Club is already applied, the public price of the 1-1 call is 160€) (We can run these calls in Slovak, English & Italian language).

You can book the session via Calendly directly. After a successful booking of your session, I will contact you for more information & questions so that you can prepare for this coaching call. 

The coaching calls are always on Tuesday, see the available slots in my agenda (see the link above). In case you need a new slot due to the time zone or your other activities, please, let me know via lucia@foodlight.io. 

If you want a long-term coaching (yearly, half-yearly coaching), please, let me know and I will send you more information about these. 

Win 1-1 session with me

I will reward the most engaged member in our forum every month by giving 1-1 coaching session with me.

  • there will be 12 coaching sessions every year, 
  • 1 member (most engaged) will receive 1 coaching session with me every month, I will contact the member within a first few days of a new month
  • the coaching session will last 90 minutes, and the winner can use it within that current month, or keep it for later. 
  • during the coaching session, we can discuss any topic that you need a help with.

How to win: visit our forum and engage with other members, share your opinion, give feedback, help them grow. You can also create new posts, ask questions, share your images, and so on... Simply said: you can win our sessions by helping others to grow and progress 

Do you want feedback on your image?

For short/quick questions or help, please, share your image in the forum. For more complex review, please, submit your image for the Image Critique, and for feedback that would require a discussion, please, send your image for the live composition&editing calls.

Need a technical support?

If you need any help, or you see that something stopped working (happens sometimes :), email me at lucia@foodlight.io

Connect with other members

Visit our forum to connect with other members, exchange a constructive feedback and share your questions about content, courses, resources, etc... 

need more personalised help?

Join us live on any call to talk about your challenges (Access the live calls schedule) or book a 1-1 call with me and we will discuss your challenge directly there.